I am Gurman Bhatia, a data visualisation designer, trainer, speaker and award-winning journalist.

Currently, I am building India's first information design studio and lab - Revisual Labs.

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What can I help you with

I have worked for local, national and international news organisations, non-profit organisations and think tanks for the past seven years. Some things I can help you with:

  • Static charts that help communicate your research with impact
  • Engaging visual interactive stories
  • Short-term data journalism projects
  • Customised virtual dataviz/data storytelling training that caters to your organisation’s unique needs
  • Advising and giving feedback on the information design of your existing/future data product
  • Customised story-driven data dashboards
  • Powerful and elegant templates for those charts you repeatedly make for your reports

Interested? Get on a discovery call to tell me about your company’s needs.

Who have I worked with

What my clients say

“Gurman's ability to convert complex data information into a simple and elegant chart is superb. She is a complete story-teller with data and I highly recommend her.”

Rahul Verma, Fellow at Centre for Policy Research (CPR)

“Gurman delivered a bespoke microsite for our investigation into the Iraqi oil industry. She was a joy to work with and demonstrated an impressive ability to translate my requests for aspects of the site to be "softer" or "lighter" onto the page. Gurman is a talented journalist, as well as a top designer and web developer. She understands stories and how to make them work for an audience. I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Joe Sandler Clarke, Reporter at Unearthed

“Gurman guided our team of designers, developers and writers in creating their first long form interactive data story. Our team learned so much from her, from story structure, to command line data tools, to picking colours and chart types. Her expertise in both the technical aspects of front end web based data visualisation development, as well as design and storytelling makes her a rare talent. Moreover, her experience working in leading data journalism newsrooms means that she was also able to teach us battle-tested techniques for building interactive data visualisations that are scalable and performant even when serving many thousands of users.”

Yan Naung Oak, Founder at Thibi

“Gurman delivered six bespoke infographics for Climate Home News’ investigation into climate change’s impact on workers in India’s sugar industry, produced in partnership with the Pulitzer Center. Gurman sourced a wide range of data, which revealed the prevalence of teenage pregnancies and hysterectomies as well as rainfall and temperature trends in India’s key sugar producing hubs. She also analysed the increase in Indian sugar exports and showed that the country’s sugar production is the highest in a decade. Her data analysis and the visualisations she created were hugely important for our investigation as they clearly showed that the issues our reporters uncovered were systemic and pervasive within the industry. She is full of ideas and has a strong work ethic, I’d highly recommend Gurman to anyone looking to hire a talented data journalist.”

Isabelle Gerretsen, Former Editor at Climate Home News

From talks to blogs

I love teaching and sharing my passion for data in news with an audience. My work has taken me to conferences in different parts of the world, ranging from Egypt to India. Here are the transcripts from a few.

Ideas and resources

Resources and ideas around data visualisation and journalism.