Last updated: November 20, 2022

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Online Tools



  • Axis Maps Contours: Get contour lines/polygons for different regions in the world.
  • Landsat Acquisition Calendar: Get to know which area Landsat (a NASA satellite used for satellite imagery) captured on a particular day.
  • Mapshaper: Convert between different geo data formats. Quickly browse your data or filter out objects.
  • Reprojector
  • How big - “A tool that quickly lets you draw a circle or square with a given area on a map. You can download the shape as a GeoJSON.”
  • Gimme Geodata - “Get quick access to OpenStreetMap boundaries and any other polygons such as administrative areas, parks, houses and many more.”
  • Berkeley’s Basic GIS Data list: Links to places where you can find basic GIS data including boundary shapefiles, elevation, gridded population and historical boundaries.


  • Datawrapper - My go-to tool for charts.
  • Flourish - Animated Charts! Bar chart races and line chart races!
  • Raw Graphs - if you are more of a static chart person, this might be the ideal option. Several charts to choose from, can upload files or link up csvs.

SVG things

  • SVG Crowbar: Lovely tool from NYT to get any svg on a webpage to an svg in your computer for you to edit (in something like Illustrator) and publish.
  • ai2html: You have an svg/ai file. Now let’s turn it to html.


  • Mr. Data Converter: Convert your Excel data into one of several web-friendly formats, including HTML, JSON and XML.
  • OpenRefine: Open source tool to clean data
  • Tabula: Open source tool to free data from pdfs
  • Two tone: Free data sonification tool by Google News Initiative.