As the founder and director of Revisual Labs, I lead India’s first information design agency that helps organisations communicate complex data effectively. For the past eight years, I have been using data, visuals and code to craft narratives at news outlets, think tanks and non-governmental organisations.

I spent six years in newsrooms such as Reuters in Singapore, the Hindustan Times in Delhi, and the Palm Beach Post and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in the United States before going independent in 2021. Since then, I have trained over 1,000 people in data journalism and/or visualisation and helped several non-profit organisations communicate their data-driven research better. Slowly, I started getting projects that were too much to handle on my own, so I decided to start Revisual. I am a generalist and can do various things at an okayish level, but I want to do work that is great. And for that, I needed people that were amazing at different things.

A self-taught coder and designer, I hold a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, New York. My work has won several awards internationally, including the Online News Association Awards, Malofiej Infographic Summit Awards, The Webby Awards and GEN Data Journalism Awards.

You can find my resume here.

I see immense value in:

Mentorship - Part of where I am today is because of mentors I have found along the way. Because of that, I want to learn to be a better mentor. It is also one of the reasons why I enjoy teaching.

Trying to learn new things - There is a high to learning new things. I am a self-taught coder but I took lessons to learn conversational Mandarin and hula hooping. Coding and hooping stayed, while mandarin didn’t. It is okay to fail, but it is exciting to try. I paid for the classes because the discipline of a routine helped me stay consistent and keep showing up for myself. If you are an inherently disciplined person, do it for free!

A balance of achievement, closeness and pleasure - This was wisdom passed on by a friend from her therapist. Achievement can be publishing a new article or giving a talk. It can also be showing up for a workout because it is not something I necessarily enjoy. Closeness can be found in community - often, friends and family. Pleasure - something we as adults often forget, is supremely important too. Maybe it is getting that massage, maybe it is sitting by a beach. Things can flow across categories too. For instance, hooping started out as achievement for me, but soon turned into pleasure.

I am slow with email, but I always get to it. Please get in touch if you think I can be helpful. If you are a newbie, I have four resources -

  1. FAQs based on questions people new to the industry generally ask me.
  2. A list of resources on data journalism and data vis to help you get started
  3. A list of almost 200 data sources about India
  4. You can also book a one-to-one conversation with me. 30 minutes - ask me anything.


  • Winner in Technical Innovation, The Webby Awards (May 2021)
  • Excellence and Innovation in Visual Digital Storytelling, Online News Association (2020)
  • Gold for Breaking News Portfolio , Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Aug 2020)
  • Digital Journalist of the Year, South Asia FCC Kalinga Awards (Aug 2019)
  • Best use of data in a breaking news story, within the first 36 hours, GEN Data Journalism Awards (Jun 2019)
  • Silver medal, Use of Video in Digital Storytelling/Infographics, SND Best of Digital Design 2019
  • Bronze medal, Line of Coverage (Public Interest/Editor’s Choice), SND Best of Digital Design 2019
  • Honorable Mention, Excellence in Journalistic Innovation, Society of Publishers in Asia Awards 2020
  • Bronze for Innovation format, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2019)
  • Climate Change and Enviromental Commitment Best Graphic Award Digital, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2019)
  • Endesa Best of Show Digital, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2019)
  • Gold for Innovation Format, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2019)
  • Silver of Breaking News Coverage, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2019)
  • Bronze for Entertainment Feature, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2017)
  • Silver for Team portfolio, Malofiej International Infographic Awards (Mar 2017)